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Coaching Academy


Serenity Insight is an agency that offers coaching and therapeutic services to individuals, businesses, and organizations. These services are designed to help clients achieve personal and professional growth, improve functionality, and overall well-being.

Coach Brandon

Brandon is a travel enthusiast and empowerment coach who helps individuals explore their identity and life purpose. With years of experience, Brandon has been known to provide coaching services to individuals, groups, and organizations both locally and internationally. In his free time, Brandon loves to travel abroad and gain new experiences through authentic social interactions. Contact Brandon today to start your journey towards purposeful living and empowerment.

  • Certify Your Skills

    A SICA certification demonstrates that you have obtained the skills needed to work as a coach.

  • Stand Out From The Crowd

    Add your SICA Certification to your resumé and stay ahead of the competition

    Career Advancement

  • Share your SICA Certification with potential employers to show off your skills and capabilities

What You'll Earn

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About SICA

Serenity Insight is an organization that provides a variety of services to include life coaching, holistic wellness, and mentorship training. Life coaching services are offered from one of Serenity Insight Coaching Academy (SICA) certified coaches; each with their own specialty areas. Additional holistic services such as sound therapy, meditation, and mindfulness interventions are available upon request. For Individuals who are interested in becoming a certified coach, they can apply for enrollment in SICA. 


Serenity Insight Coaching Academy (SICA) is the training department where learners can enroll in training programs or courses designed to teach the fundamental skills needed to become a professional life coach. The Foundations of Coaching program is intended to assist prospective coaches-in-training with obtaining the requirements needed for certification through live classroom instructions and hands-on demonstration practices. Each week, trainees will participate in live training designed to teach the competencies required to coach others through various stages of their lives. Upon completion of the program, coaches can join the ranks of a global network of coaching practitioners who are bound by a shared passion for helping others.

You’re in the right place if…

  • You’re an aspiring coach seeking training that focuses on developing a coaching mindset.

  • You’re an existing coach who wants to incorporate additional tools into your practice to ensure you’re maintaining industry standards

  • You want legitimate credentials that help you stand out among peers

  • You want to Launch your own coaching practice or work for a company as an internal coach

  • Seeking advancement opportunities at your current place of employment


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