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About Me

I've always had a passion for working with people who seek help in difficult situations. My journey to becoming a meditation coach began as a therapist. After working in the field, I felt I had a higher calling which led me down my own spiritual path. It was through this process that I saw a greater need to help others elevate as well. Over time, I realized that my purpose was not about what I can do for myself, but the impact that I have on others. My mission is to help those who have the desire to understand who they are and unlock the powers they have within. 

"We create our own reality"


My Approach

I approach meditation from a holistic perspective. I believe ones energy is transferred from environment to environment and through meditation, members will learn to be energy sensitive, manifest their outcome and work towards a true life transformation. The Serenity Experience allows individuals to feel comfortable in their ability to meditate in a relaxing environment free of judgement and criticism. 


4848 Battery Lane
Bethesda MD, 20814

(240) 571- 0445

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